Friday, January 06, 2012

Some knitting

I received a gorgeous,
silky soft skein of

yarn for Christmas.
It was so tempting,
I had to cast on right away.

The yarn is called Taiyo sock, by Noro.

I've been knitting on this and that for the past
Many months, but once i started using
my fabulous new yarn,
my fingers began to protest.
It's most certainly not the yarn
causing the problem. I believe that the
culprit is the knitting needles.

To ease up on the pain, I've pulled
back from knitting the past few days.
And just what do knitters do when they want
to look at yarns and designs and yet, not knit? ?

They turn to the Internet, of course.
Oh hello Ravelry, you hour & day & night stealer, you!!

Small note to
fans of shoes: Yes!
the little orange shoes are by
Fluevog. (click for link)
so comfortable and yet so cute.

Apologies that this
post lacks a photo of the yarn and needles
mentioned. I've taken a photo and now
i can't tell you where it's gone.

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