Sunday, January 08, 2012

Better late than never

Just a few days before
Christmas, I started
knitting a gift for a special friend.

Then there were some delays. Of
course, that's what happens when
you start something at the last minute.
Because it was such a small project, I
thought it would be done for New Year's day.

That didn't work out.

Yesterday morning, i finished off my little project.
It was dark in the house, despite the time of day.
I sewed in the ends of my darkly coloured project.
Twenty minutes later, it dawned on me that
i had better check the finishings - it was SO dark
in the house - could i really see what i had been doing?

Well, no,
apparently not.

I will re-do my finishings now.


Maybe i should buy a good light
for my knitting-spot?
I think it's time.

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