Sunday, October 02, 2005

in Knitting News:

while i was in lovely Fredericton,
i did not get very much knitting accomplished,
since i went there to work.
However ! i did finish the First Sock of the newest "mountain colour bearfoot"; and i am thrilled. Over the moon, so to say.
the second sock has been started (just last night). These are going to be so fun to wear.

and in completed sock/knitted news:

(this little part is for anyone who
loves hand knit socks so much that socks are actually exciting.
For anyone else, you can skip this bit).
i took all of my hand knit socks with me to Fredericton, so that i could wear the scrumptious hand knits every day.
i finished the isis scarf (wrap? ) late at night before my departure from
Montréal, so i did get to wear it in Fredericton. Wore it to my first day of teaching at the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design. i was thrilled.
you may remember this cuddly creation from its photo on September 20.

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