Sunday, October 02, 2005

Back home from Fredericton, New Brunswick

the title says it all.

i was actually thinking that i would be home MUCH later today, but here it is 8am,
and i am Home !
the trip was magnificent & i have Many photos to share with you. (later today!)
i am sorry to be missing the trip to Vermont this weekend with members of Montreal
knits, as noted in Deawn's Blog.

The city of Fredericton was terrific.
Many people have the preconceived notion that it is a
city full of government workers and therefore a non Arty City.
This could not be Further From The Truth.
Fredericton is full of artisans, craftspeople and artists of all kinds.
The city is built on the shore of the St. John River and has so much to offer.

and: the whole city is wireless.
you can have free internet connection anywhere in the city.
Outside, in a café, in your hotel room ! Really: anywhere.

On my drive there from Montréal, i had the wonderful opportunity to drive
through St-Louis de Ha! Ha! here in La Belle Province of Québec.

Photos to follow shortly.

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