Tuesday, January 24, 2012

under construction

very slowly -
i'm knitting a pair of socks
on 3.00 mm "glove" needles.
Lovely, small, rosewood needles.
The progress is coming
along very slowly,
since i always have several

projects on the go.
As a matter of fact, i should be working
on a book right now - and i'm procrastinating.

I digress. Jordi asked about the socks in the
earlier post.
The completed socks are Zauberball yarn.
A sturdy, German six ply, superwash wool.
This fabulous yarn was
a gift last year and knit up
to make fabulous socks.

The brown/orange/grey socks
that are still on the
needles - shown above- are also Zauberball wool.
this time a 2 ply. A looser ply than the
other Zauberball wools i have used.
There is no colourway marked on the labels.
Very long colourways. I believe it wouldn't
be possible to make both socks the same if
that was your desire.

In the meantime, i'm at a very very dark
brown section of yarn. It's almost black.
It seems that it's high time for me to buy
some "task lighting" so that i can see what
i'm doing. As it is, i'm struggling to see my stitches.
Not good.

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ruby said...

i love the zauberball yarn i knit a baby sweater with it turned out nice