Monday, January 30, 2012

in knitting related things . . .

Today i'm working on my latest book for
The Sketchbook Project,
by Arthouse.
(click above for links)

To find me in these projects, go to the Arthouse site,
click on "community" and that will let you type
in the name of the artist you're looking for.

Aside from my little book of
paintings, the Knitting Companion and
i have been working on a blanket,
some socks and two cowls.
The Blanket is an ongoing project that i hope to finish
This Year. Yes, that's a big timeline, but
it's been so long in the making, i'll be happy to
start a new blanket.

Below, you'll find
a photo of my new tape measure.

it's a Ginormous olive. hee hee hee.
If this makes you think of ginormous martinis,
that's not our fault.
and -
you'll see my new, double pointed needles. Purchased
specifically for making fabulous socks.

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