Sunday, October 30, 2011

pancakes are good for you

Proof of the giganto-pancake

You may well
be amused by this photo.

last week i made pancakes.

That's nothing new.
I've been making pancakes
for .... years.
I've never been a fan of teeny weeny pancakes.

I think dainty-sized pancakes
are good fare for
Elves but not for humans.
I like a pancake that fills
a pan. Why
eat 8 pancakes when you really want to eat
one Large pancake?

Here is the photo of my Giganto pancake - it certainly
gained height while it was in the pan. Photo was
made with the pancake on a full sized cake rack.
And yes, i ate it all.

A pancake is good solid food, fun
to eat and an excellent

vehicle for delicious Maple Syrup.

Maple syrup is
full of antioxidants.
There's another reason to have

pancakes any time of the day.

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