Sunday, September 18, 2011

weekendy update

Poodle surveys his kingdom:

i am currently knitting a gift
for someone so Young that
she is still "easy to give gifts to".
You know very well that humans
don't stay very long in that zone
of Gift-ease. No gift photos yet.

Today, our neighbour came over to
show off her brand new shoes.

It was perfect timing.
the sunshine was gleaming off the
sequins and New-Shoe-Girl looked
like a brightly coloured discoball
of shoe-Happiness.
If only i had a camera in my hand at that moment.

She was a joyous sight to behold.

Then her mother insisted it was time to go home.
New-Shoe-Girl is seven years old.
The perfect time of your life to have
multicoloured, sequined shoes.

In kitchen news,
we have been testing brownie recipies
and we're back to making pasta.
Since it's no longer Sweltering and
Steamy in our kitchen i don't faint from the
heat when i stand near the stove.

The poodle and i are both quite pleased about this
end-of-summer weather.

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