Friday, August 05, 2011

and what does a HOT garden look like ..

Happy Friday.

in case you wondered what
was going on with your week,
Mercury is in Retrograde.

Go ahead and laugh. But
haven't you had a weird week?
think about it.
Haven't strange
things been happening? and things
breaking... things going not the way
you had planned.

well, check out what
Georgia Nicols has to say,
for the week starting July 31. Click Here.

now, back to our featured
outdoor scene...

This is an opposite
sort of view than our Kitchen
window views of January and February.
Well, and let's be honest. Quite opposite
of March and April, as well. Our snow lasted
quite a long time this year.

and here is one more view
of a Roaming neighbourhood feline.
The Knitting Companion loves cats.
All Cats.

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