Tuesday, July 26, 2011

while i was walking down the street . . .

The Montreal Museum
of Fine arts is hosting a wonderful
exhibition of Jean Paul Gaultier this summer.

on a more personal note, is my highlight:

i met Jean Paul Gaultier last month.
Not at an "event"
or an arranged meeting or even
at a promotion in a shop.
No. I was walking down a main street of Montreal.
He was getting out of a Limo.

He stopped.
we chatted.
He was lovely and charming.
He complimented my hair.
It was terrific fun.

I have no photographs documenting
the meeting.
However, the public is allowed to
make photographs
at the exhibition. I will share a few, here.....

The dresses are presented on "mannequins" ...
and most of them have
faces projected onto the heads. So the mannequins
give you the impression that they are looking at you.
It's quite unexpected.
And many of them even speak. To you.

If you're able to see this Exhibition, i highly recommend it.

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