Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New year

so, here we are in a new year.
a chance to start all over
again, so to speak.

This month,
a certain someone will
be thinking of what to do with the
new and pretty buttons from
the Purl shop in New York.

Last year, i made a Linen
hand towel. Inspired by
the fun ladies of
Mason-Dixon Knitting,
and one of their fab books,
I am happy that i made this
single towel. It has a great
weight and drape.

The towel was a gift, so i have
no way of knowing
if it will ever be used.

However, i have bought
some lovely brightly coloured linen
for two more towels.
I can assure you that they will Not be
sent off as gifts to accompany
the first towel.
They will stay here with me.

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