Saturday, July 31, 2010

bye, bye July

Hello Place Ville Marie.
Everyone that comes to Montreal,
should say hello

to our iconic edifice.
Place Ville Marie was designed
by I.M. Pei. Learn more
here at this site.

a few extra images of PVM
to amuse you, at this site.

How does this happen so
quickly? it's already the end of July.
a few images to share with you,
to wrap up the week
and the Month.
Let's start in my own neighbourhood.

To show scale, i took these two photos of a
bean plant growing in my neighbourhood.
You can see the parking restriction signs
and the speed (in km) limit sign. . .
and a very happy bean plant growing up to the sky.
I think this is fabulously fun.
It makes me think of Jack and the Beanstalk.

but ... of course.

Here is a lovely sculpture
and bright garden
that the Knitting Companion and i enjoy.

and, for this month,
one last look at vieux port, Montreal ....
this image was taken at Place Cartier.
it was a Very Bright and hot day.

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