Friday, May 15, 2009

rows and rows of flowers

these simple knitted
items are humble cloths made of cotton.

but the "hills and valleys" of vibrant
colour remind me of a trip
that the Knitting Companion and i made a few
years ago to the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

It was early in August,
and there were fields and
fields of beautiful flowers.
The rows were bunched together,
according to flower blossom colours.
it was magically beautiful.

At the time, i had a camera that just wasn't
up to the challenge of scenery photos in
late day, fading light. None of my
photos could really capture the
glory of the darkening sky and
the brilliance of the thousands of flowers.

But these humble cotton
pieces, when viewed very close-up,
give the idea of the rows; the bunchy-close
blossoms, and the rich earth.

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