Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lots Of Mud

Besides snoozing, napping
and sleeping, the
Knitting Companion
and Brother Of Companion,
have had a weekend
filled with many
activities. Enjoyable things, such
as car rides and walking in the rain.
Walking in the deluge.
Walking in torrential rain.
And, wiping of Muddy Feet.
The foot-wiping was not high
on their "fun" list.

The Companions are not fond of rain.
However, from time to time it becomes
us to stroll in unpleasant weather.
Apparently, things smell
very good when it is raining.

The weekend was also filled
with Laundry. We used a lot
of towels, wiping all those little
muddy, fuzzy feet.
This hasn't been an ideal
photo-op weekend.

Sadly, the blog is not in the mood
to accept photos today.

The companions will stay together
for the rest of the weekend.
You can be sure that they will be
very tired by Sunday.

I will not be posting later this
week as I'll be away from the computer.

Happy trails.

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