Sunday, May 21, 2006

for everyone, from Georgia

Weekly Horoscope: Sunday May 21, 2006

All Signs: (Eastern Time Zone)

About every four weeks the Sun changes signs.
(This happens 12 times a year.)
This creates a global game of musical
chairs because everyone's focus shifts as
the Sun moves from one sign to another.
If you're born at the beginning of your sign,
you'll feel this influence right away.
Otherwise, it might not kick in for
two weeks, but it will occur.
Sometimes other planets overshadow
this influence; and it can also be
obscured by whatever is happening
in the chart based on your Rising Sign.
This is a down and dirty Astrology 101 lesson.
" Yes Grasshopper, when you can take
the fly from my hand you are ready."

from Georgia Nicols

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