Sunday, May 07, 2006

Everyone's scoop for this new week:

The scoop for this week, from Canadian
astrologer, Georgia Nicols

Weekly Horoscope:
for the week commencing:
Sunday May 7, 2006

All Signs: (Eastern Time Zone)

Jupiter represents abundance, generosity,
increase and good fortune. Uranus represents
the unexpected. When these planets line up or
create favourable angles to each other
(120° or 60°) it heralds sudden windfalls
and unexpected increase to wealth and activities.
It doesn't happen often. But it occurred last
week on Thurs. May 4, and because Jupiter
is retrograde, it quickly happens again on
August 29. I got a note from a family who
read last week's Sunday column, and decided
not to go to church; instead they went to the
casino. (Yikes!) They didn't win.
This bothers me.
When two major planets touch base,
it's hard to know when this influence
actually manifests. I discuss planetary
aspects when the mathematical apex occurs.
The influence could manifest right at that
time (and it often does); or it could be days
or weeks before or after. Nevertheless,
J.P. Morgan, said, "Astrology is not for
millionaires, it's for billionaires." Yup. A
billion here, a billion there -- pretty soon
it adds up to real money.

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