Sunday, April 30, 2006

the forecast for this week,

from Canadian astrologer: Georgia Nicols site,

Weekly Horoscope: Sunday April 30, 2006

All Signs: (Eastern Time Zone)

It's an exciting week!
The planets are on great terms with each other.
Venus moves to Aries, and Mercury
shifts to Taurus. But what we'll all
applaud is a warm handshake between
lucky Jupiter and wild, wacky Uranus.
Yay! This means each of us will expand
our world in different ways according to
our birthday. Some will have good luck
gambling; others will grow through
travel and learning. Opportunities abound
for stimulating, new situations,
surprise windfalls, promotions,
and sudden chances to experience life
in a more thrilling and liberating way.
Jupiter is good fortune: Uranus rules all
things quick and unexpected.
We like this combo! This is good news,
especially if you feel the bucks
always stops before it reaches you.

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