Sunday, October 09, 2005

More Road Trip: foul from the Québec Region

Happy Thanksgiving.

many thanks for all of the great comments. It's wonderful to hear from you. Or read from you,
as the case may be. Thanks so much.

Getting underway with the sharing some of the sights from my trip...

today i bring you:
Photos of foul from Québec region.

This is a shy Turkey.

The turkey was not at all
ok about having its photo taken.

it's standing perfectly still in the hopes that i will mistake it for the vegetation, and go along my merry way.

Which i did, because i didn't want to stress the turkey.
They already have enough to think about.

Seen above: nap time for the special ducks.

Friendly brown chickens.
maybe i should say Curious rather than Friendly.
they were probably just checking me out in case
i brought them something to eat.

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