Saturday, September 17, 2005


it dawned on me yesterday morning:
i'm on my last skein of sock yarn. I thought
that i was well stocked. I was mistaken.

You know what this means:

i had to get more,
since the last skein was already in use.

Can't have any knitting going on without more yarn in the wings. !!

News from Mouliné; in spite of my requests for
the lovely Mountain Colours bearfoot yarn, Svetlana will not be ordering any.
Darn, and my birthday is
a very long way off ... (hello, ? mom ? ?)

and now, Sheep direct from Shetland:

did you know that sheep can be quite camera shy?
my mom tried to take some photos of the sheep in Scotland ... and the sheep were really not ok with this.
Photos of Orkney & Shetland to follow...

Back to in-house knitting news: here's the Regia sock i started
at the knitting meet up on Wednesday
evening; shot with natural light ...

and here it is as of this rainy Saturday morning; not photographed
with natural lighting:

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