Friday, September 16, 2005

four a.m.

it was a lovely cool night and the windows were open.
because of the brisk breeze blowing through the house at four in the morning, two of my doors slammed shut. my sleepy thought was "oh, sounds like The Exorcist". (!?)

Well, the knitting companion must have thought the same thing.

Usually, he sleeps like a rock through the night.
After the slamming doors,
he came to tell me he was afraid. No, he doesn't sleep on my bed. He has his own.

i closed the windows after that because the creaking door was creeping him out. (old house with doors that don't exactly close properly but do have big sound effects). Poor little dog went to sleep after that. Today we're both a bit tired.

In knitting news,
i started a new pair of socks Wednesday evening. Another Regia self-striping wool. it's going to make a very cute pair of socks.
Yes, i am fully capapble of making things that are not socks.
For the time being, i choose not to. In yarn, at least. In metal, i'm steering away from socks.

Here's a look at a Just-finished-hat. (shhhh, it's for a present)
lovely soft wool from Manos del uruguay.

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