Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wednesday in Montreal

It's wednesday already.

My first shipment of work is winging to New Brunswick as we speak.
Well, as i type.
today i'm getting the next part of the shipment together.
there's an awful lot of paper work that goes with business. this is not my favourite part of the job. But you're not surprised. none of us love this part.

In two weeks from now,
i'll actually be in Scotland.
Oh My Gosh.
And there's so much to finish before that.
i just won't think of it all now, it makes my head spin. isn't this mug so lovely,
that you find it so inspiring ?
isn't it so lusciuous that you want to take it into your hands ?

that's how i felt when i first saw it.

gazelle cup20.JPG

I love to drink from this beautiful mug.

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