Friday, August 19, 2005

if i ever get packed or organized, ...

leaving for the northern isles of scotland this weekend.
so far i haven't organized anything for my trip, because i've been trying very hard to stay focused on getting my work done before i go. (that's not easy but it's important) I know this sounds lame, but staying focused on one thing is not an easy thing for some people.

i am planning to take some socks to work on ... and maybe some
fleece artist mittens to work on.

and i am bringing the book by the Yarn Harlot ....
and generously, i have just been loaned the book "the shop on Blossom street" (debbie macomber). Thank you to Cynthia.

here, you'll find a map of Shetland.
i always like maps so you can put things in perspective.

and here, you can have a look around.

here is a look at just some of the handiwork i'll be seeing ...

here's a virtual visit to Orkney.

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